Board Development

Developing & Maintaining Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Charity Lawyer: Ultra Vires Acts: Why Nonprofits Must Follow Their Articles & Bylaws

Board Member Recruitment & Nomination


BoardSource: Right from the Start: What Your Nonprofit Board Needs in Three Easy Tables

YouTube: Capture Your Flag - How a Great Board of Directors Impacts Non-Profit Success - Louise Davis Langheier

Board Member profile (with attribution)

Board Member Agreement (with attribution)

Board Member Application

Board Member Ethics & Good Governance


BoardSource: A Board Member's Code of Ethics

Independent Sector: Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

YouTube: Board Source - Nonprofit Governance - The Last 20 Years

Board Roles & Responsibilities

BoardSource: Board Roles & Responsibilities

BoardSource: Ten Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

-Introduction to Series

Responsibility #1 of 10: Determine Mission & Purposes

Responsibility #2 of 10: Select the Chief Executive

Responsibility #3 of 10: Support and Evaluate the Chief Executive

Responsibility #4 of 10: Ensures Effective Planning

Responsibility #5 of 10: Monitor and Strengthen Programs & Services

Responsibility #6 of 10: Ensures Adequate Financial Resources

Responsibility #7 of 10: Protect Assets & Provide Financial Oversight

Responsibility #8 of 10: Build a Competent Board

Responsibility #9 of 10: Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity

Responsibility #10 of 10: Enhance the Organization's Public Standing

Cullinane Law Group: Who's in Charge Here? Role of the Board of Directors vs. Role of the Executive Director

Nonprofit Quarterly: Effective Board Chair-Executive Director Relationships: Not About Roles!

Board Member Onboarding (i.e., Orientation & Training)

Roberts Rules Of Order

Colorado Secretary of State: Nonprofit Board Member Course

Profile Trustee or Board Member
Board Manual Contents
Board Member Job Description (with attribution)
Board Officer Job Descriptions
Board Orientation Checklist
Board Orientation Session Guidelines
Board Staff Responsibility Worksheet (with attribution)

YouTube: Debi Peverill - Conflict of interest policies
Conflict Of Interest Policy

Conflict Of Interest Disclosure Form
Sample Nonprofit MinutesStrategic Planning Worksheet

Strategic Program Planning Model 

Executive Director Job Description

National Council of Nonprofits: Whistleblower Protection for Nonprofits

National Council of Nonprofits: Sample Whistleblower Protection Policy

National Council of Nonprofits: Document Retention Policies for Nonprofits

Board Size, Structure, Committees, & Advisory Councils


BoardSource: Board Size - Finding the Sweet Spot

BoardSource: How to Structure Your Nonprofit Board

NEO Law Group - Nonprofit Law Blog: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nonprofits & Committees

CompassPoint: Board Committee Job Descriptions

National Council of Nonprofits: Board's Role & Audit Committee 
Finance Committee Description
Governance and Nominating Committee Description
Marketing and Fund Development Committee

blue avocado: What is an Advisory Board and Should We Have One?

Advisory Council Bylaws Template

Advisory Council Description

Assessing Board Performance

BoardSource: Assessing Board Performance

National Council of Nonprofits: Self-Assessments for Nonprofit Boards

Board Member Evaluation

​Legal Compliance

YouTube: Heritage Ohio - Tax-Exempt Organizations: Effective Governance and Legal Compliance

Internal Revenue Service: Stay Exempt 

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